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Terra Firma has been reimagining and reinventing pit lids for over 30 years, delivering lighter, faster, stronger, safer and smarter solutions.

Our composite pit lids and access covers utilise our innovative technology to ensure strength and durability. When compared to traditional concrete lids, our products offer:

50% reduction in whole-of-life cost

64% less capital cost

2x faster maintenance

A 200-fold reduction in injury risk

Meet your compliance and safety obligations with stronger, lighter, more durable and sustainable composite solutions that last.

Composite lids & covers for all your needs

Discover our wide range of sustainable manhole covers and pit lids. Available in standard sizes, all Terra Firma pit lids
and access covers can also be customised to meet different configurations or size requirements.

Many of our products are also VicRoads approved.

Rectangular Pit Lids

Our range of rectangular pit lids are the ideal alternative to concrete or iron lids. Engineered to be easy to install, safer, stronger and more durable than those made with traditional materials.

Round Pit Lids

Strong yet lightweight, our round lids can be used across a multitude of applications. They’re load-rated and are radio-transparent, allowing for communications and monitoring infrastructure to be contained under them.

Custom Pit Lids

Terra Firma B-80 is built for footpaths, parks and kerbside applications where incidental traffic mounting may occur. These strong, lightweight lids solve the problem of broken pit lids in residential areas.

Bespoke Pit Lids

Require a large-scale solution for telecom or other utility lids? We have the capacity to create a design lightweight and safe and solutions for any major infrastructure need.

High Performance Sealed Covers

Available in both rectangular and round options, our heavy-duty composite lids are the most advanced on the market. Our Thrubeam composite range is lockable, water-tight, and meets the AS3996, AASHTO and European EN 124 regulations.

Temporary Covers

Terra Firma’s temporary covers are a quick, simple solution for covering exposed pits or broken lids and keeping your worksite safe. While lightweight and easy to handle, their metal-reinforced undersides mean they’re still strong and durable.


Our wide selection of accessories includes pit keys, lifters, and pit converters each designed and produced with an emphasis on worker safety and ease of use. We also offer litter guards to reduce waste and pollutants affecting stormwater.


We offer complex multi-part configurations ideal for larger pits or difficult job sites – such as pump stations or underground infrastructure that requires full-opening access. Multi-part covers are easy to install and lightweight, improve maintenance and reduce OH&S risks.

Trench Runs

Developed specially for the electricity and power industries, our composite trench runs and cable pit covers put an emphasis on OH&S and ease of installation. They’re fire-resistant, non-conductive, anti-slip and non-corrosive.

Who we work with

Some of Australia’s largest companies have trusted us to supply them with safe, durable, and sustainable pit lids – including Councils,
State Governments, Government Entities and large corporate organisations.


New Housing Estates



Parks & Gardens




Water & Wastewater Treatment


Hear why
our customers
love Terra Firma

“Terra Firma pit lids substitute a poorly performing heavy product with a cost effective, strong, lightweight alternative. Their installation throughout the M80 upgrade has minimised the manual handling risk to workers by weighing ¼ of a concrete lid and through its easy to use lifting key that minimising the stress on the body whilst opening.”

VicRoads Innovations & Initiatives Bulletin

“The OH&S benefit for our maintenance workers, and the reduction in maintenance costs demonstrated during the initial trial installation has now led to the Council rolling out a budgeted annual pit lid replacement using lightweight composite lids.”

Engineer, Launceston City Council

“Frankston City Council have faith in the product and over the past 17 years have experienced the return on investment firsthand – in terms of economic benefits and time efficiency, as well as improvements to OH&S”

“We have seen Terra Firma continue to improve their lids from the word go – they have a lid for all situations, in classes B, C, D and E. They are well suited for practicality, as well as aesthetically with a selection of different colours enabling us to match the lid to the colour of the paving around it.”

Maintenance Planning & Contracts Coordinator, Frankston City Council

“The installation of the Bianco Precast encased Terra Firma lightweight pit lids at these locations have already paid forthemselves. Prior to these installations concrete pit lids were being replaced at these locations every month, sometimes twice a month. The Council has now begun specifying Terra Firma pit lids for capital works programs and new subdivisions.”

Civil & Maintenance Coordinator, City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters

“After discovering Terra Firma composite fibreglass lids, Unley City Council were able to reduce the number of workers required for installation and maintenance of their drain covers, as well as reducing the risk of injury to their workers”

Project Manager Capital Works, Unley City Council

“I can see a definite use for these lids as a replacement where needed – for pits around the City and Valley where the sweepers are causing deformation of the existing plastic lids. They would also be useful in other high traffic / vehicle path areas around existing intersections.”

Maintenance Coordinator, Brisbane City Council

“Don’t worry, with the Terra Firma D400 pit lids, we can open the lid, inspect the pit and have it closed before the customer has finished paying for their petrol.”

Contractor, AMACK Petroleum and Plumbing

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