As part of network wide improvements to the Melbourne tramways, all trams are now fitted with RFID tags to electronically identify and track trams, allow automatic track allocation and streamline maintenance and stabling.


RFID antenna’s need to be safely housed in in-road pits. Conventional ductile iron/ concrete infill covers are  not transparent to radio waves and are too heavy to lift for maintenance activities.


Covers need to be transparent to radio frequencies. Gas tight/ water tight, lightweight, easy to inspect, strong durable pit lids

Must withstand heavy vehicle traffic.


  • Terra Firma ThruBeam E400 ER-60 composite frame & covers are;
  • Transparent to radio frequencies.
  • Gas tight/ water tight seal. Cover weight 28kg
  • NATA tested to AS3996 Class E (400kN).
  • Can be opened in seconds with specialised seal breaker / lifter.
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