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Designed & engineered solutions for industrial environments

Composites are delivering solutions for some of the critical challenges facing industrial environments – and Terra Firma is making it easier and faster for organisations to design, specify, acquire and implement fit-for-purpose composite access structures.

Industrial plants and environments with strict regulations or hazardous materials onsite can be restricted in the materials they can use. 
Terra Firma’s composite FRP provides the perfect solution including prefabricated options that deliver increased durability and whole-of-life cost savings.

Looking for a custom solution? While many of our products come in standard sizes for easy compatibility, we are also able to customise product size or design to suit project requirements. Our FRP Utility and Industrial Solutions can be custom-designed to meet a wide range of specifications, including corrosion and chemical resistance, fire resistance, slip resistance and strength.

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The simple answer to complex needs

Our FRP composites are an all-in-one solution that meets nearly every requirement or demand.


Terra Firma FRP products weigh one quarter of the equivalent steel and two thirds of aluminium.


FRP boasts a higher strength to weight capacity and greater load bearing capacity than traditional alternatives.

Wide range

Terra Firma FRP grating can be cut to size for much greater design flexibility and is available in a variety of standard profiles to easily meet various design performance requirements.


With 40-year life and warranty, Terra Firma FRP is made strong and durable with integrated UV resistance for years of dependable use.


FRP grating has good electrical insulation and dissipation properties which makes it well-suited where low electrical interference is required near sensitive electronic equipment.


Terra Firma FRP grating features an anti-slip surface that is rated to the highest levels of slip resistance.

Easy to install

Prefabricated and standard profile FRP products and grating enable quick and easy installation.

Rust free

FRP Grating is non-metallic and not susceptible to rust or corrosion.

Chemical Resistance

Terra Firma FRP Products have excellent resistance to chemical corrosion. Chemical resistance can be dialled up to meet the needs of highly toxic environments.

Fire Resistance

Terra Firma FRP Grating has excellent fire resistance with low flame & smoke development. Suitable for ramps, walkways and decks in outdoor settings & public buildings. Suitable in bushfire zones up to BAL40.

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