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At Terra Firma, we think ahead and think differently. Our pit lids and access covers are specially designed to solve many of the risks and problems caused by traditional heavy iron or concrete pit lids and manhole covers.

With their lightweight build, our covers and lids offer a significant reduction in maintenance costs and work hours, while also eliminating OH&S issues. Terra Firma pit lids and access covers ensure strength and durability in any environment, while future-proofing your assets.

Available in a wide range of standard sizes, Terra Firma pit lids and access covers can also be customised to meet different configurations or size requirements.

At Terra Firma, we’re revolutionising how composite solutions are designed, engineered, specified, manufactured, and supplied. So when you partner with us, you partner with the industry leader offering market-leading technologies and unmatched expertise for every project.

Build lighter, faster, stronger, more durable, safer and smarter with Terra Firma.

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Built strong for tough environments and light for easy access. Discover features you wouldn’t expect from pit lids and access covers.


A typical cast iron lid can weigh 250kg. Terra Firma pit lids weigh a fraction of traditional materials - one third the weight of aluminium, and between 5 - 10 times lighter than cast iron for equivalent strength.


Terra Firma pit lids can bear loads up to 400kN or forty ton and all access covers meet appropriate load standards (AS3996 or EN124).


Terra Firma Pit Lids can be locked or bolted securely in place. Our unique Slam Lock option ensures lids are not carelessly left unlocked.


Terra Firma access covers are fatigue and wear tested to meet and exceed AS 3996 standards at NATA accredited testing facilities.


Unlike metal covers,
Terra Firma composite access covers are non-conductive reducing the risk of shock & even death from stray voltage.


All Terra Firma Pit Lids have
an integrated, durable non-slip surface tested to the highest pedestrian ratings under AS4586.

Radio Friendly

Terra Firma composite covers are radio transparent allowing operators to future proof networks and configure IoT (internet of things) monitoring devices in the underground environment.

Rust free

Composites don't corrode. Terra Firma non-corrosive, composite access covers are structure and wear tested to meet AS 3996 standards.

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Many of our products come in standard sizes for easy compatibility. But we are also able to customise product size or design to suit project requirements.

To enquire about customisation and discuss your unique requirements, please contact the Terra Firma team.

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