Among the team at Terra Firma we have surfers, sailors, divers and just plain sun lovers. We all enjoy nothing more than a day at the beach or spending time on the water. Summer days are great but are often spoiled by rubbish littering our precious waterways.

Like so many of you out there we too are worried and disturbed when we see the mess created on our beaches and along our creeks and rivers. Mess that is created by thoughtless dumping of rubbish which enters our stormwater system. A system that often ends up in our waterways.

So when we designed our new Terra Firma Endurotek range, we decided to do our little bit to help raise awareness. We wanted to to remind everyone that what goes down the drain ends up in our creeks, rivers, bays and oceans.

The rain and waves solution

Taking inspiration from the unique and interesting designs of Japanese manhole covers, we commissioned renowned graphic artist and animator Jamie Paynter to create a unique and beautiful design for our new covers.

The resulting ‘rain and waves’ pattern is a stunning addition to any streetscape. It also serves as a permanent, subtle reminder that our drains are connected to our waterways. The lives of the creatures that inhabit them and the people that enjoy them are intertwined and interdependent. Following the maxim, ‘if we are aware, we will take care’, we hope these lids will help a little to raise that awareness.

If you want to make a difference to our waterways, take a look at Terra Firma Endurotek . To speak to one of our team, or to make an order, call us directly on 03 9357 1230.

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