We offer complex multi-part configurations ideal for larger pits or difficult job sites – such as pump stations or underground infrastructure that requires full-opening access. Multi-part covers are easy to install and lightweight, improve maintenance and reduce OH&S risks.

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Our wide selection of accessories includes pit keys, lifters, and pit converters each designed and produced with an emphasis on worker safety and ease of use. We also offer litter guards to reduce waste and pollutants affecting stormwater.

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Temporary Covers

Terra Firma’s temporary covers are a quick, simple solution for covering exposed pits or broken lids and keeping your worksite safe. While lightweight and easy to handle, their metal-reinforced undersides mean they’re still strong and durable.

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High Performance Sealed Covers

Available in both rectangular and round options, our heavy-duty composite lids are the most advanced on the market. Our Thrubeam composite range is lockable, water-tight, and meets the AS3996, AASHTO and European EN 124 regulations.

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Round Pit Lids

Strong yet lightweight, our round lids can be used across a multitude of applications. They’re load-rated and are radio-transparent, allowing for communications and monitoring infrastructure to be contained under them.

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Rectangular Pit Lids

Our range of rectangular pit lids are the ideal alternative to concrete or iron lids. Engineered to be easy to install, safer, stronger and more durable than those made with traditional materials.

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Highest rating anti-slip surface. Custom-built for public spaces. Designed for ...

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