When Terra Firma was founded over 30 years ago, we had a simple but powerful philosophy: think differently and think ahead about the use of composite technology in infrastructure. With your support, our pragmatic approach to solution innovation has meant that we are now an acknowledged leader in the sector, reimagining how advanced materials and technologies can solve many of the building and construction challenges faced by local councils, roads, and utility providers.

Together, we’ve celebrated many firsts. From being the first to develop load-rated composite trench covers, the first to introduce D-Class composite covers to Australia, and the first to innovate with radio-transparent lids. Our success is grounded in our technical expertise and unwavering commitment to delivering compliant, reliable, safe, and high-performing solutions.

Reflective of our philosophy of continual innovation and growth, we’ve merged our two existing sites – Terra Firma Pit Lids and TerraGrate – into one easy-to-use website. This change is designed to make things easier for you, and means you’ll now find the following categories in one place:

All these products and solutions have been meticulously designed to ensure they’re fit for your environment and engineered to meet world-class standards. They’ve been stress-tested in the field in real-world scenarios to ensure the longevity of your assets and the health and safety of your team.

We hope you’re as excited about our new website as we are and that it provides you with a valuable knowledge bank around what’s possible within your segment with fit for purpose composite engineered solutions. Rest assured we won’t stop here, as your needs evolve, we will design new solutions, tools, and programs to make things easier for you. This includes:

  • Expanding our range of standardised products for seamless integration
  • Enhancing e-commerce functionality for easier purchases
  • Improving design software for straightforward customisation and faster solutions
  • Building engineering into products to speed up application
  • Enabling digital monitoring of infrastructure

Beyond these engineering firsts, you’ll find a wealth of other assets that document the case experiences of working with hundreds of clients and thousands of individual projects over the last 30 years. As you explore these projects, you may find one or more that bring back personal memories, and for all of these, we are extremely grateful.

We’re incredibly proud of the company you’ve helped us become. Whether you know the world of composites inside out or you’re only beginning to look at alternatives to the materials you’ve used traditionally, Terra Firma remains committed to helping you find a smart, pragmatic solution. Your needs will always be at the forefront of our thinking. Your industry and your needs will continue to evolve, and we are committed to pushing you forward, providing industry-leading advanced materials and technologies.

At Terra Firma, we imagine infrastructure differently. Explore our composite solutions here.

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