Portrush Rd– Adelaide, South Australia

Portrush Road is a major part of National Route A17, a bypass route in Adelaide. It runs north-south through the south-eastern and eastern suburbs of Adelaide,


10 x Existing ductile iron covers sitting low in frame. Rattling of cover in frame & signs of surrounding structure failure.

Expensive maintenance costs – requiring lane closures & traffic management.


Strong & durable (able to withstand heavy freeway traffic), light weight pit lids.

Ease-of-access, addresses OH&S considerations.


  • Terra Firma ThruBeam E400 ER-60
  • Composite frame & cover – with precast concrete surround.
  • NATA tested to AS3996 Class E (400kN)
  • Secure & lockable, and can be easily opened in seconds – .seal breaker / lifter.
  • Cover with full-face seating in frame.
  • No rocking or knocking.
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