Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) – Melbourne Underground Rail Link (MURL) Fire & Life Safety Upgrade


Conventional pit lids are heavy, difficult and time consuming to access, Heavy covers (<150kg), Increasing OH&S risks, High levels of breakages / trip hazards in high pedestrian traffic area,


Retrofit solution for existing framework to avoid costly and disruptive platform works. Eliminates concrete cutting to minimise dust. Lightweight covers, ease of access is crucial. Fire resistant covers that meet Stringent Fire and Smoke Resistance Standards for tunnels.


  • Terra Firma C-Class Access Cover with Fire Shield.
  • Lightweight & easy to access
  • Cover weighs only 23kgs
  • NATA tested to AS3996 Class C (150kN).
  • Exceeds NCC Flame Spread Resistance by 800% and Smoke Emission Performance by 300%
  • Permanent anti-skid and can withstand the weight of maintenance equipment
  • Cover custom fabricated to suit existing framework.
  • Colour matched with existing platform tiles.
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